What to Look For When Upgrading Fencing in Your HOA

What to Look For When Upgrading Fencing in Your HOA

What to Look For When Upgrading Fencing in Your HOA

When it comes to upgrading fences in an HOA community, selecting the right contractor will solve 90% of the potential headaches before they ever start. 

Whether you're a self-managing HOA preparing for a project or an HOA board member looking to switch management companies before a big project - this article will have something useful for you. 

Let's look at the best tips when planning an HOA fence installation.

Understanding HOA and Municipal Fencing Regulations

This one is simple but important. Know your community bylaws and fencing requirements, and ensure they align with your local municipal code. 

Your fencing contractor will thank you for your preparation, and your residents and board members will have peace of mind that the project is in good hands. These regulations may dictate the style, height, materials, and placement of fences. They may also detail the setback limits, which are the distances a fence or wall must be from a street or sidewalk.

 Knowing these guidelines ensures the project aligns with community standards and avoids potential compliance issues.

Research and Qualifications

Finding the best contractor requires thorough research and consideration of their qualifications. Look for contractors with experience working with HOAs and a proven track record of quality work. This can involve checking their certifications, licensure, and insurance to ensure they are qualified for the project. Positive reviews are great, but look for negative reviews to see how the ownership responds.

Proximity and Availability

Choosing a contractor headquartered nearby can be beneficial. Local contractors will likely be more familiar with the area's zoning laws and HOA rules. Additionally, their proximity can lead to better communication and quicker response times. 

Design Consultation and Yard Survey

A good contractor will allow for design consultation, taking into consideration the community and homeowner preferences while adhering to HOA rules. Before the project begins, they should also conduct a thorough yard survey to address any potential issues, such as property lines or terrain challenges.

Materials and Styles Offered

Certain materials and styles may be required for the fence, depending on your HOA's guidelines. Discuss these options with the contractor to see if they offer them and if they have experience working with them. It can also be beneficial to ask for samples or photos of previous projects using these materials and styles.

Here's what it boils down to. If you need a new roof for your HOA, you should:

  • Find a company that is familiar with working within HOA regulations

  • Shop local - they'll know important municipal codes

  • Get a design consultation and survey

  • Choose the right materials

 With the right contractor and this short checklist, your HOA can ensure a smooth, hassle-free upgrade that meets your community's unique needs and preferences while adhering to all necessary regulations. 

Remember, a well-chosen contractor can turn a potentially complex project into a seamless experience for all involved.

If you’re shopping for a new HOA management company, I’d love to schedule some time to talk to see if we’re a good fit. 

Sam Maropis

PMI Profit Realty