Tenant Portal: 5 Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants

Tenant Portal: 5 Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants

With a total of 44,590 houses for rent added to the San Antonio, TX, housing market from 2012 to 2022, more people than ever are part of a tenant-landlord agreement.

If you are a landlord this means that as renting becomes more common so does the ease of managing tenants and living under a lease.

Find the top five benefits of using a tenant portal here.

1. Self-Service Maintenance Requests

Every rental property requires general maintenance, but managing them isn't always easy if you have multiple rentals. By allowing tenants to make maintenance requests online, you can ensure the request gets to the right person for faster, more efficient work.

The tenant will be able to view the progress of the request, schedule a time to perform the task, and close it when completed. You can also accept payments for maintenance jobs that are not covered under the lease terms.

2. Online Rent Payments

One of the most essential yet difficult tasks of property management is getting rent on time. Making rent payments easier for tenants can help lower missed rent. This is especially needed with eviction lawsuits in the city rising 30% from 2011 to 2018.

Online rental payments will eliminate the need to collect paper checks, making payments faster and less of a hassle. The tenant portal will also allow other payment forms to create more options for tenants to pay rent on time.

3. Record-Keeping and Document Access

One of the most important landlord tips is to keep all your documents for each renter. This includes paystubs, leases, maintenance requests, and damage reports. However, having paper documents and files can become a burden and a mess to keep for longer periods.

An online portal always allows you to keep your records digitally. This is also helpful for tenants who may need access to the lease agreement or other materials. You won't have to worry if paper documents get lost or misplaced.

4. Simple Communication

A large part of tenant management is communicating, however, doing this between several renters becomes complicated. Some may prefer email while others prefer to talk over the phone.

To save time and make coordinating important information simpler, use a portal to send messages to all of your tenants at once. Or schedule a call, send personal messages securely, and post updates for anyone to see.

5. Administrative Duties

Having rental units means a lot of paperwork, from accounting to delegating tasks. By using a rental portal, you can have all of your documents, expenses, and lines of communication in one location.

You may also outsource these duties to a property manager or assistant, leaving time for you to focus on big-picture items like more real estate investments.

Get Started with Your Tenant Portal

Now that you know the reasons for using a tenant portal, it is time to choose one. You may want to find a service that has all the features mentioned in this article, plus a staff member that can assist you with setup and customer care.

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